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Reel City Films is an award-winning video agency dedicated to creating content that captivates.

With an emphasis in the hospitality, real estate and lifestyle markets, our goal is to produce videos that propel your brand forward. From lifestyle videos and commercials to short films and documentaries, we specialize in bringing your story to life, cinematically.

While Miami, FL is our home base, Reel City Films' cinematic vision spans the globe.

We welcome clients worldwide with our full-service video production expertise.


Now, let's tell your story.



Highlighted below are some of our latest and greatest productions.  These videos were conceptualized, produced, directed and edited by the team at Reel City Films. Now kick back and enjoy the show. 


Think of us as your one-stop shop for all your video needs. Our collaborative pre-production process starts with the ideation and creative development of your videos. Together with our clients, we shape the concept, plan every detail and select the perfect talent for your story.

Throughout our production process, our seasoned producers, directors and crew all work together to bring the script to life. Whether on location or in a studio, we're committed to exceptional quality. 

And lastly, the magic truly happens in the post-production process. Our editors and creative minds meticulously piece together every shot captured, ultimately creating a visual masterpiece that embodies your brand.